About Us


Who are we ?

Three fresh graduates from different nationalities and backgrounds with a common vision driven by infantile curiosity, melt down their senses in one place.  Our journey  immersed us in four different cultures – Moroccan, South Korean, French and Chinese – each one antipode to the others, we embraced their humane richness and fashion sensibilities, that keep mesmerizing us by both their similarities and differences.

Our Mission

We take it upon us to explore the depths of international folklores to define our generation's perception of fashion and style. The epitome of our endeavor is to unveil before your eyes the crème de la crème of style embodied in our collections.

Our Promise

We will strive to take you around continents to experience ever-changing colorful styles and trends  – our inspiration in this quest – and to relentlessly provide you with vintage-inspired accessories to spice up your daily adventures!

Our Motto

“Embrace your weirdness and differences, they're what make you unique”