5-step SPA for your Make-up Brushes

We love our makeup brushes they are cute and soft and make us satisfied in many ways. To return the favor, we ought to take care of them and pamper them as due. We usually don’t, cause it’s a waste of time and we just hate it. So, we can easily use them for months or even decades without washing them. Right… The thing is, not only do they get ruined but they can also ruin our skin by developing bacteria. Lovely!


Let’s take a moment to remember our new year’s resolutions about responsibility and productivity. From now on, we want to wash our brushes at least once a month, that is if we’re in a lazy haze. Altogether, it seems like an improvement, but we’re not quite there yet. The reason: your foundation and concealer brushes require more regular care as they tend to retain too much product making them annoying to use. Keep in mind that the more regularly you wash them, the less time consuming and daunting the task will be. Now, don’t you worry dear we’ve got you covered with five stress-free steps: Easy!

1. Choose.

For starters, you need an appropriate cleanser that will softly wash your brushes without damaging them. You can find many products purposely designed for makeup brushes, but if you don’t want to strain your monthly budget, you can settle for some gentle soap or baby shampoo. Place a little bit of soap or cleanser into the palm of your hand, a container or a cleansing mat.

2. Wash.

Then wet your brush in lukewarm water and gently swirl in a round motion. Rinse your bristles and repeat until they’re immaculate.  Remember how delicate your brushes are and be tender. Do not scrub your brush as you might ruin the shape of the brush. Instead try to brush through the bristles with a comb if a deeper cleaning is needed. Also, you don’t want to wet the base and handle of your brush. The water and product could damage the glue at the base of your brush and cause the bristles to come loose and shed.  If your brush has a wooden handle frequent exposure to water could warp it

3. Repair.

To preserve your brushes from going full straw-mode on your skin, you need to condition it too. You can simply add a touch of olive oil or conditioner to your cleansing product and make sure to rinse them thoroughly when you’re done. I personally, prefer to add a few drops of coconut oil as it is nourishing and leaves a nice smell. Now, your brushes will be as silky and soft as baby hair.

4. Reshape.

Remove the water excess by gently squeezing the bristles.

Try not to pull on them. After, all this washing, scrubbing, squeezing and twisting, your brush looks a little disheveled so you need to reshape it.

5. Dry.

When it’s time to dry your brushes do not put them to dry vertically - to prevent water from damaging the base and handle. Instead, you can use a makeup brush drying track or a towel. For the latter, fold one side of the towel to make a slight slant, then arrange the brushes on the towel with the handles up on the edge you folded. This way, the water excess will be dripping into the towel instead of sipping to the base and handle. Don’t leave them in a humid place to avoid undesirable smells. Once dry, gently run your brush on your hand to loosen the bristle and Voilà!

It wasn’t all so bad. Now you’re good to go - until next week that is….